Update to my last post

Kudos to you Chef/Owner of Louie of Louie and the Redhead in Louisiana.


You have pride. New saute pans and fresh oil in the fryer to cook on T.V.




Cheap Ass Owners

So, if you have the most famous whatever food in your restaurant AND a television show is coming to do a story on said dish, AND if said dish is deep-fried CLEAN YOUR FUCKING FRYER and put CLEAN OIL IN IT before the T.V crew arrives.

I don’t give a rats ass how good you claim your crab cakes are if it’s cooked in oil that looks like it came out of a truck after 10,000 miles of use. You cheap fucking pig!


Dumb ass commercial

Dear Haagan Das,

Please stoop with that ridicules Gelato commercial with the 2 Italians yelling at each other.  It is very fucking annoying.

Hell’s Kitchen

Have I outgrown the show Hell’s Kitchen?


The Black Thumb update

My lettuce core is growing leaves. I have it in water, no roots developing but there are leaves. I have read that it most likely wont taste good, but that’s OK maybe it will look nice as a plant in the house.

My spring onion scrap has roots growing while its in water. Tomorrow I will plant it in soil even though most instructions say you don’t need to.

I still have basil and curly parsley seeds to grow as well as garlic from a scrap.


Whole wheat raisin bread.


image100% whole wheat raisin bread.

My wife and grandson like it so it must be a hit.

The black thumb strikes again.

I am going to try my hand at growing vegetables again. I’ll keep you posted.